Terms and conditions


1. General Information.
The international Jazz festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” came into existence in September 2020 upon the initiative of a team from the non-for-profit legal entity “Dedalus Art School for Socially Destitute Children and Adolescents” (NPLE “Dedalus ASSDCA”).
Created as a non-for-profit institution, the festival is a natural extension of the work of the association’s team to protect the fishing village, to establish a cultural zone outside the central parts of Varna, and to encourage an international cultural exchange.
The jazz forum supports young composers and performers up to 35 years of age, working in the field of jazz music. It stimulates and popularises the original creative work of young authors from all over the world, in the style multiformity of jazz. It protects the uniqueness of one of the few surviving fishing villages in the area, the livelihood of the fishermen and their folklore as part of the cultural and historical heritage of Varna.

2. Projects and Legal Framework
The international jazz festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” provides the opportunity to encourage, create and popularise author’s jazz music among the young people and to conceive modern trends in the field of jazz.
“Q-jazzfestivalvarna” gives the option also for international cultural exchange in the field of jazz music among young people up to 35 years of age developing volunteering as an example to emulate and a lifestyle choice. In this context, “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” contributes to the organization and holding of jazz concerts, musical evenings, encounters of different generations and open-air shows.
The festival shall not be held legally liable for any unregulated copyright of participants towards third parties and/or claims by organizations for the collective management of copyright that are based on such incorrect behaviour.

3. Admissible Projects
Priority to participate in the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” is granted to young authors and performers aged up to 35 or above 65 years. The repertoire of author’s music should have a length of up to 1 hour and 30 minutes and should have been created in the 2 years preceding the current issue of the festival. Applications for participation are accepted from individual authors, duets, trios, quartets, sextets, dixy band groups, self-employed authors and performers, school pupils and students. The selected participants shall be announced in the principal programme of the festival, whereas each participant shall be invited with a formal letter by email.
The “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” comes with no entrance fees for participation and all festival events have free entry. The deadline for submitting the musical works that the participant wants to perform is 15 May of the respective calendar year. The selected works for the principal programme are announced before the end of the month of May. The selected authors / producers shall be notified by email.

3. Electronic Uploading of the Works, Declarations, Rights and Sanctions
All musical works shall be uploaded through the website of International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” using the electronic upload option or by sending a link.
Every author/producer of a musical work in the selection and applying for participation in International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” shall fill in an explicit electronic declaration (here – dropdown menu) in the current general terms and conditions therewith guaranteeing explicitly regulated copyright and related rights as well as arranging the use of the integral audio content of the musical work for the festival with respect to public performances and showing both within the framework of the “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” forum and in its accompanying events.
All musical works submitted for participation in the festival programme shall be automatically included in the festival digital musical archive where they will be at the disposal of the listeners, consumers and guests for non-profit purposes but also without the ability to download, distribute, reverse engineer and so forth. Each illegal infringement of this content by third parties shall be persecuted with the full force of the copyright law of the Republic of Bulgaria whereas the infringers shall be assigned presumed civil and criminal liability by approaching the competent authorities, the prosecutor’s office and the court.

4. Festival Framework
The dates of holding the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” in 2023 are 13, 14 and 15 July, with the programme including both the opening and closing events.

5. Financing
The financing for organising and holding the festival comes from personal contributions, festival fees, corporate, sponsorship, and public funding, participation in contests, donations etc.

6. Copyright and Intellectual Property
As a participant in the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, each writer /producer should sign online the following declaration:
The author, the artist or the producer participating in the competition programme of International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, at the outset have regulated their copyright with the producer and / or author of the audio works presented publicly and reproduced and / or distributed within the framework of the festival, whereas each of them personally declares that he/she provides the said works for free reproduction and public performance of the work during the festival, without the payment of any royalty fees, remuneration for rights related to copyright or any other type of reimbursement.
The author, the artist or the producer of the musical work guarantees in writing with this declaration at the time of applying that all related rights and copyright are fully settled financially (including those with the authors of the music, the lyrics, etc.) – regardless of whether this is arranged through personal negotiation or through an organization for the collective management of copyright.
The presented musical pieces, songs and compositions should be an original work of authorship of the candidates. Neither The International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, nor its lawyers shall examine or certify the authenticity of the declaration of authorship or the candidate’s secured rights. By participating in the contest, you declare that you have secured all necessary rights.
The candidates shall be held fully responsible for receiving all needed rights and permissions for the materials of third parties contained in their works including, but not limited to, music, lyrics, derivative works (covers), trademarks, logos, copyright and other rights of intellectual property. The International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, shall not be held legally liable for any infringement of the aforementioned regulations.
The author, artist or the producer declare that all ceded copyright and related rights may be used for the festival’s advertising purposes, merchandise, the public broadcasting of music, participation in advertising video media spots and online etc. For the same purposes of the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, within the framework of the event there can also be used all trademarks, designs, images, other types of digital, 3D or animation visions, domains or websites that concern a specific music piece participating in the festival programme.
I certify that the above is true and correct and affix my signature: here – click form (This generates a dropdown menu to be filled in by the author, artist or producer within the festival’s system, providing their personal data: company, full names of the representative and the name of the film. After clicking, a final receipt is generated in the festival’s system as well as an email containing the same information with a receipt attached thereto.)

7. Personal Data Protection
The acquired information concerning personal data, in particular photos of the participants, will be required and used with their consent which occurs after the signing of these general terms and conditions, in the electronic or printed media associated with the festival. This information will also be used in the advertising materials of the festival, on the official website and on the festival’s pages in the social networks.

7.1. When you, in your capacity as a user / participant, are writing us an email to the addresses from our contact page, the personal data you provide are processed only to the extent that this is needed for us to reply to you but not with the purpose of storing that information. These data are stored in the Gmail email service on the servers of Google with the highest level of security. More information on the topic can be obtained here: https://privacy.google.com/businesses/compliance/.
NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” is an administrator of personal data of Class One (standard personal data such as Unified personal number, addresses, full names, emails etc.) only of users and participants in the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, and within this context it has adopted the respective rules and technological measures. NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” rarely acquires these personal data online but even for that hypothetical scenario we have undertaken technological measures for their protection and encryption at a technological level, on a physical server ownership of NPLE “Dedalus ASSDCA”.
NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” is not an administrator of personal data of Class Two (special personal data), at least not at the time being. Nevertheless, in view of the requirements of the General Personal Data Regulation, NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” has foreseen the opportunity for technological protection also of this type of personal data, through their protection and encryption at a technological level, on a physical server owned by the association. NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” does not perform any large-scale processing or observations of personal data, regardless of the class and type.
If you have any queries about the processing of your electronic letter and the personal data related to that, please do not hesitate to include those in your message. Any information we collect from you is used solely:
– to contact you by email or phone;
– to personalise your participation in the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna” by your signing of these general terms and conditions, i.e. with the purpose of entering into a contract for providing a remote service, and mainly, to meet your individual needs;
– to improve our website.

7.2. Social Networks
NPLE “DEDALUS ART SCHOOL FOR SOCIALLY DESTITUTE CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS” does not carry out any activities online which objective is the co-administration of personal data obtained from social networks, through their technological transmission, with the purpose of individualisation of a specific person. The information we obtain from you in the social networks in the aforementioned context may be only the following:
– your publicly available data that you have voluntarily disclosed about yourself in the respective social network, without a hypothesis of transfer or co-administration on our part;
– Other personal data that you have sent us directly in a personal message or in a comment in the respective social network, without a hypothesis of co-administration on our part;
– Whether you have liked, commented on or tagged our posts;
– The information we receive from the social networks with respect to advertising and visitor analytics. This information is processed by the respective social network whereas we see only a non-personalised analysis of the results without administration or co-administration on our part or transmission of personal data by us in any manner to our website or our server. This information, for instance, points out how many people liked our post thanks to a given advertisement, what is the percentage of men versus women. In order to achieve more effective advertising, we may target the advertisement, i.e., to request that it is shown only to viewers who fall into certain categories. The social network processes the data following the criteria indicated by us whereas we receive a result for analysis that is non-personalised in terms of personal data.

7.3. Disclosure to Third Parties
Your personal information, in particular your personal data that we process, may be disclosed to the law-enforcement authorities when this information may be lawfully demanded from us and on the basis of the respective legal grounds. We do not disseminate, reproduce publicly for commercial or any other purposes your personal information. On our website, we use as personal data just two names of authors and producers, participants in the International Jazz Festival “Q-jazzfestivalvarna”, indicating the source from which these data were obtained. This indication of the source is done for non-commercial reasons and is not related to any processing or storage of these data on our servers or other electronic carriers.

7.4. Keeping the Data Safe
We implement various technological protective measures in order to keep your data safe. SSL encryption. This website uses 256-bit SSL encryption for reasons of security and protection of the transmission of sensitive content, such as for example the applications which you send us using the website or the queries from the contact form. You can identify an encrypted link by the fact that the website’s address from “http://” becomes “https://” and the address is followed by a green lock symbol. If SSL encryption has been activated, the data you are sending us cannot be read by third parties.

7.5. Right of Access to the Information
Accessing, deleting, limiting, pseudonymising information concerning personal data. As a user of our website, you have the right to obtain information at any time about the storage of your personal data, their origin as well as the purpose of data processing. Please consider as an objective fact your right to request to correct, delete, limit and pseudonymise these personal data. For further information regarding the personal data please contact us at any time by emailing us at the address indicated on our website on the Contacts page through the contact form.

7.6. Consent
In your capacity as a user of our website, you give your consent to our confidentiality policy with regards to personal data.

7.7. Right to Change
We retain the right to change the current confidentiality policy at any time. Each change will be reflected on this page and will become effective immediately after its publication.

8. Communications
The festival spreads and popularises its activities through its media partnerships, the organisation of promotional campaigns in the social networks and within the community. The festival owns its own website and accounts in the social networks.

9. Monitoring
After the festival is over, we monitor the festival programme and the events from the parallel programme. When terminating the project, the team prepares the summary data and the project is published on the festival’s website. All queries related to the festival and not regulated in these terms and conditions shall be resolved by the festival’s organisational team and the legislation in force in Bulgaria.